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Our Team.

It's hard to find a team that's reliable, that's extremely important in bridal industry. However, I am lucky to find myself someone I can count on.




about me.


Fei Xu is doing what she loves. As a licensed esthetician, manicurist, and cosmetologist she has been in the beauty industry for over 9 years. She considers herself a late-bloomer, as she discovered her calling as a creative expert after first finding success within the financial and investment world. Always being creative since her childhood, she answered the call for creative beauty soon after. 


Her journey so far has lead her to work with a variety of amazing clients including celebrites like Emma Watson, Sophia Coppola, Bethanny Frankle, Jenny Dewan, Ashanti,  Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York, Zosia Mamet . Off of the runway, she has worked with influential industry leaders including  Anne Wojcicki(CEO and founder of 23 and me), Leah Busque (Former CEO and founder Task Rabbit), and Rea Ann Silva (CEO and Inventor of the Beauty Blender),Simone Oliver (Chief editor of Refinery 29

) . The list can go on and on.

Outside of her amazing regulars, she is  working with many commercial clients including: Google, Facebook,Amazon, Instagram, Hasbro, Universal Studios, Puma, Comic Con, Beauty Con and the MA Women's Conference.

With each day she looks to inspire and be inspired in the beauty world she loves. 



Before and after


FX airbrush

Nail art


Men's grooming


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